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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Fed up With Virgin Media and Sky?

I must be honest. When I learned that I would no longer be able to see Lost on Virgin Media, a wave of relief swept over me. After the first series, I have always regarded the show as a cynical advertising vehicle, hooking millions of viewers in as if there really was a plot and then selling the advertising space to car and mobile phone companies.

The loss of 24, however, was a different and far more serious story.

If you're less than impressed with the way the multi-nationals have robbed you of 24, the Simpsons and Sky News, trying to get through to Virgin Media to complain or cancel your subscription is apparently proving to be something of a nightmare, with reports of queues as long as the mystery island itself just to get connected to the waiting list.

If you are brave enough to try, you may want to save yourself some money in the process. The 0845 numbers put out by Virgin Media (all companies do it) add to the indignity as you have to pay for the non-geographical call at a rate higher than if you were dialing a land line. If, like me, you have a phone package that gives you free calls to UK landlines, the growth of these non-geographical numbers is a pain - they're the ones that appear on your phone bill as "non-geo...45p....90p....etc."

Thankfully, there is an alternative. These 0845 numbers are routed to a land line anyway. You just need to know the numbers where they end up. Some are landlines, others are even free. Here they are:

  • Virgin Media Sales 0800 1830123
  • Broadband Faults 0800 1831986
  • Virgin Media Head Office 01256 752000 (ask for Home Customer Services)
  • Virgin Media Customer Relations and Disconnections 0800 0529403
  • Virgin Media - Telewest Customer Services 0117 9076666
  • Virgin Media Customer Services 0800 073059
Thanks Richard!

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