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Friday, 28 September 2007

Are Fathers for Justice back?

Fathers for Justice are back - or at least someone impersonating them has been announcing their return on plastic wrapped hay bales next to the M5 in North Somerset.

"Stop the war" reads one message in bright yellow paint "against fathers", continues the text on an adjoining row of bales.

Although mildly sympathetic with the group's original aims, I must confess that I turned against them after their purple powder attack on Tony Blair in the Houses of Parliament. The result of that stunt was the creation of a perspex barrier around the public gallery in the Commons. The long-standing freedom for ordinary citizens to observe their elected government at work was hindered and altered forever by the attack. Whatever the grievance of F4J, I resent them taking from me that precious freedom in pursuit of their objectives. Perhaps they can stick to Batman stunts at the new Broadmead or another suitable public space.

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