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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Eating My Greens

Enjoyed today's organic food festival at Bristol Harbourside.

There seemed to be more people there than last year - and more stalls.

Picked up about £30 worth of sauces, veg, bread and pasta and enjoyed eating some of it this very evening back home with the family.

Less impressed with the admission charge. The £3.50 was a surprise and I did not see it on any of the publicity. Is that legal?

The cost of getting in, however, simply increased my resolve to enjoy all the free samples I could. I did, in fact, manage to have a very respectable lunch spread over two hours and made up entirely of small items gratefully received from the various stalls. Crackers, cheeses, dips followed by chocolate drops, muesli and the tastiest red apple I have eaten for a long time left me quite content. Thank you.

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