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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Shopping for Greener Food in Bristol

Regular readers of Trym Tales will be aware of my gradual conversion this year to the cause of local food. “It’s not about being organic,” I often tell people as they struggle to keep their eyelids open. “It’s about being local, seasonal and direct." Um, they nod politely.

One problem with local food, I’m discovering, is that it’s … not always local. Having to drive further than my local supermarket in order to find it is a paradox that I am well aware of. At least my journey to Bishopston or Ashton, however, is shorter than that made by those Spanish tomatoes in order to appear ripe and fresh at my local supermarket in a “just ready” state. Nor is it as long as the journey that baby corn has made from Vietnam. But that’s all for another post.

So, taking my lead from the helpful if brief Friends of the Earth list of locally-sourced food suppliers in Bristol, I set off (in my gas guzzler) in search of local food.

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