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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Shopping for Greener Food in Bristol - part 3

Back in the car and on to Gloucester Road in Bishopston where I parked next to the old swimming baths and visited Gardeners Patch for locally-sourced vegetables and fruit and Scoopaway for fun. If you’ve never scooped, you'll find your visit there a little different from Tesco. Most of the products are in large bins; shoppers scoop what they want into plastic bags and take it to the checkout to be weighed. Today’s haul included hot chocolate, rice and dry veggie mince along with a bag of fruit and nuts for good measure.

Having not fully weaned myself off supermarket fare yet, I did end up next door in Somerfield for orange juice (sorry, I’m not paying 1.95 a litre even if it is good for me), margarine, rolls and croissants.

My bill? Slightly cheaper than my weekly food bill before starting on this journey. All in all, a reasonable start on the path of not-buying-food-that-has-been-flown-a-long-way-produced-with-lots-of-chemicals-

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