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Friday, 9 November 2007

Un Easy Like Sunday Morning

Residents of Warmley and Wick - BEWARE! Your quiet suburban lives are to be rudely disturbed this weekend and next by the presence of what the authorities are mysteriously describing as an "abnormal load" that will be driven through your communities en route to Oxfordshire.

Leaving Avonmouth at 5 am this Sunday, November 11th, the load (which measures a beefy
470 tonnes) will travel slowly along the M5 and the M4, down the M32 to the ring road and then clockwise on the A4174 to the A420 and A46. The whole operation will then be repeated with a second identical load the following Sunday.

Measuring over 90 meters long, 5 meters wide and 5 meters high, the load will be accompanied by the police
who are asking motorists to expect significant delays as it will be traveling at a "very low speed".

So low a speed, in fact, that on Sunday the convoy will park overnight in a layby near Tog Hill off the A420 and will continue the journey at 10pm on Monday along the A420, the A46 and then eastbound along the M4 from junction 19. At this point, of course, it ceases to be of interest to this publication as it will have entered a foreign country (Wiltshire).

Two questions remain to be answered: 1) what are these abnormal loads? Answers on an email to Trym Tales, please 2) who will be traveling on the Bristol ring road first thing on Sunday morning? Eager away fans heading to the Mangotsfield United ground at Cossham Street, perhaps?


Claire said...

The abnormal load is a power station transformer!!!

atlanticwriter said...

I knew someone out there would know!

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