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Friday, 11 January 2008

Top Bristol Community Sites

Bristol has a growing number of community web sites, blogs and independent media outlets. Here are a few I've found and enjoyed.

Bristol Blogger Does exactly what it says on the label.

Southville Blog Charlie Bolton's Southville blog has a strong environmental theme, which you would expect from Bristol's first Green Party City Councillor.

Bristol Local Food Highlighted elsewhere on this blog, this site lists numerous local food outlets across the city where food sold has not been transported half way around the world before reaching your plate.

Bristol Media A site dedicated to Bristol's creative and media industries and professionals.

Digital Bristol One of the early local portals that contains numerous good links. Needs a bit of a face lift, in my humble opinion - maybe it could be turned into a wiki site.

Sustainable Redland An interesting site showing what can be done when a bunch of neighbours get together and take action to reduce their carbon footprint - sorry I made a silent vow not to use that term on Trym Tales but I've just broken it.

Bristol Indy Media The place to check for all the news on the latest demo.

Salaam Shalom It's not well known, but it's quite cool. Bristol's own online collaborative radio station run jointly by Moslems and Jews.

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Matt said...

You missed! The network for people who make and break the news in Bristol.


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