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Sunday, 3 February 2008

McColl Booze Buster

Residents and visitors to Westbury on Trym High Street will have noticed the latest addition to the store front at the new McColl shop in the village, a development described earlier in Trym Tales.

As well as its usual supply of newspapers, bread and processed food, the convenience store is now describing itself as a "Booze Buster" after having entered into a franchise arrangement with the north-west based supplier of cut price alcohol.

With the corner store already having an existing licence to sell alcohol off the premises, the new arrangement is an attempt to capitalise on this through a partnership that aims to take on the might of the supermarkets.

As a piece of trivia, readers might be interested to know that the Booze Buster chain is owned by Iranian entrepreneur Nader Haghighi, owner of the Wine Cellar chain of stores, who following the death of his father in Iran became the family bread winner at the age of nine. Arriving in the UK in 1979, he worked part-time at Pizzaland and later at Thresher where he eventually became Operations Director responsible for 1,000 stores.

Meanwhile, residents of the village of Trimbsbury in BANES have successfully campaigned for the removal of the Booze Buster sign from their local village store, describing it as "inappropriate" for the area.

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Anonymous said...

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW Nader Haghighi DIED IN 2002

Anonymous said...

also letting you know that they didn't sucessfully campaign to remove the signage, the contract with boozebuster was terminated as mcolls didn't live up to the expecatations of the agreement. You are extremeley uniformed about these facts.

Al Shaw said...

Thanks for the comments/corrections.

That will teach me for taking the Evening Post too seriously.

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