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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Time for Bike Sharing in Bristol?

With the news that London is to implement a radical urban bike sharing scheme - involving 15,000 bikes and 1,000 bike stations - the question has now to be asked, Why not in Bristol?

With Bristol's long tradition of supporting green causes and its intolerable traffic problems, the city seems ideally placed to pioneer such a system in the coming years.

The London scheme is lifted from the Parisian free bicycle system, known as the

In London, the bicycles will be free for the first half-hour to people who preregister and agree to pay an automatic penalty of £100, deducted from their credit cards, if they fail to return the bikes. They will pay a fee of about £1 for each additional half-hour. The docking stations are located every 300 metres in the West End and the City. Users swipe a card and then key in a number to release the bicycle.

As previously reported on Trym Tales, Bristol is now home to a state of the art urban car share club.

Surely it's now time we took the next step and made bikes equally available. Anyone who made that happen would get my vote.

Or perhaps we like the current state of Bristol traffic?

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