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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ullah Brothers Guilty

Stoke Bishop residents Mohammed and Nadeem Ullah have been found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin at Bristol Crown Court. This is a good result for the city and the neighbourhood, in my opinion.

As previously reported on Trym Tales, the brothers were the subject of an undercover police operation in which they were filmed exchanging drugs worth £22,000 from their business Weapons Galore in Upper Easton.

Having seen first hand what heroin and crack cocaine does to people - the way it completely takes over their lives and turns them into manipulative self-centered addicts - I am pleased that two distributors are now facing lengthy prison terms.

The Stoke Bishop brothers - resident in Eastmead Lane before their arrest - may not have looked to their neighbours like international drug traffickers. Perhaps I'm wrong. The fact is that all residents have a duty to report suspicious activity to the authorities and play our part in stopping the criminals ruining peoples' lives.

We can do so anonymously here at Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Anonymous said...

I have found out today, that Mohammed Ullah has already been released.Apparantly, he was able to afford a top notch solicitor who obviously found a loop hole.Wheres the justice in that?He was given a seven year sentence and has served approx one year!

Anonymous said...

These DEATH MUNGERS and their GREEDY EVIL FAMILY will hopefully die soon, so to stop their continuing narcotic dealing. If not they will surely be caught "Insha Allah". All these filthy pigs do is bring misery to countless familys, if their not selling WEAPONS their selling DRUGS. GOD WILL JUDGE THEM ALL!

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