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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Redland Green Catchment Area - the Facts

Statistics have emerged on the numbers of families living within the designated area of first priority for Redland Green School who have not been allocated places at the school.

Bristol City Council has revealed that 87 children who live within the catchment area have failed to obtain a place at the new school. This is despite the Council reducing the size of the catchment area in response to the large number of families who have moved house to be near the school and increase their chances of gaining a place for their child.

Further statistics reveal the nature of the school's new popularity:
  • 688 families applied for Redland Green year 7 in 2008
  • 343 listed the school as their first choice school
  • 189 places were available in Year 7 for the same academic year
Statistics for other popular Bristol schools include:
  • Cotham School received a total of 672 applications for its 180 places
  • St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School received 500 applications for 216 places available in Year 7
  • Ashton Park, City Academy, Henbury School, St Bede’s and St Bernadette’s were also oversubscribed

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