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Monday, 2 June 2008

Drinks Cartons Can Now be Recycled in Bristol

Bristol residents keen to recycle have historically been frustrated by the problem of waxed drinks cartons, which have been rejected from black box collections as unsuitable for recycling.

Bristol City Council's announcement that 5 collection points for drinks cartons have been installed is therefore welcome news.

The new sites are at:
  • Asda Bedminster (East Street)
  • Asda Whitchurch (Oatlands Avenue)
  • Tesco Eastville (Eastgate Centre)
  • Tesco Brislington (Callington Road)
  • Tesco Golden Hill (Kellaway Avenue)
Drinks cartons are typically made of 74% paper, 22% polythene and 4% aluminium and have traditionally been regarded as difficult to recycle.

The new sites are the result of a partnership between the Council and Tatra Pak, one of the largest suppliers of waxed drinks cartons. All bands of cartons are accepted at the new facilities.

The announcement comes at the start of National Recycling Week when WRAP (the Waste and Recycling Action Programme) are urging households and businesses to think about "one more thing" that they could add to their recycling box on a regular basis. While kitchen recycling is high in most households, items from bedrooms and bathrooms are routinely overlooked.

WRAP's research has revealed the top five items that could but are generally not recycled:

  1. aerosol containers for deodorant, air freshener or polish
  2. biscuit and sweet tins
  3. plastic shampoo and toiletry bottles
  4. plastic bottles of cleaning products, eg bleach, cleaner or disinfectants
  5. glass jars, such as those for cooking sauces

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