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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Carol Singing in Westbury

I know it's customary among some sectors of the male community to groan at the very mention of carol singers - all scarves, lanterns, croaking and joviality - but, last night some neighbours put on a very enjoyable event here in the road which expressed the essence of why Westbury is, as I've said before, a very fine place to live and raise a family.

There was no rattling of collection tins and no motorised sled with loudspeaker system and coloured lights. Instead, there were about 30 people of all ages who stood under a street lamp, sang two carols and then moved on to do the same a few times at locations further down the road. To conclude, the group (whose numbers were swelled by neighbours joining them as they moved on) ended up at a house down the road for warm drinks.

At each location, people came out of their houses or stood in their doorways to watch and listen. And very pleasant it was too, despite the absence of snowflakes.

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