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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Friday's Snow Patrol

Yesterday's highlights from the Great White Out of 2009 include:

Down with the Artists

The range of designs on Durdham Down made entirely of snow is a testimony to the creativity and humour of Bristolians. Personal favourites include:
  • snow man sitting on a bench near White Tree roundabout
  • full size igloo, complete with tunnel entrance, near Westbury Park
  • sofa and chairs near the water tower
  • eight foot high snow man near Upper Belgrave Road

Brandon Hill Slide

Described by one participant as a "full on mud slide", Brandon Hill was turned into a white and brown playground on Friday by hundreds of "kids and students" who, lacking the equipment for sledging, had acquired a range of items for descending the snowy hill.

Among the items lining up for inclusion in the 2010 winter Olympics were:
  • large cushions in fertilizer bags
  • a canoe
  • plastic sheeting
  • a double lilo
  • planks of wood
  • a car bonnet
  • plastic lids from recycling boxes
  • dustbins of various sizes and smells
  • surf and body boards
  • a metal sink and draining board


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James Barlow said...

I took a few photos while I was out:

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