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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bring on the New

I am beside myself with anticipation.

For several years now, I have been looking forward to the fulfillment of the promise boldly proclaimed on the side of the former ABC cinema on Whiteladies Road that the art deco building will become the site of "a new concept in entertainment."

This is marvellous news and my mind has been working overtime to imagine this totally new concept in food, music and entertainment hinted at by the enigmatic owners under the working title of "Vanity". Trampolining to Afro Pop while eating spaghetti bolognaise,would certainly go some way to creating such a new concept, though I'm sure the final outcome will l be more creative . Cossack dancing and frozen yogurts, perhaps.

Whatever the final concept, which, like Cabot Circus, has been about ten years in the making, I have no doubt that the fabulous building will burst forth with originality and new paradigms in amusement for the masses.

Which is why I was more than a little puzzled to discover that the licencing application for the former cinema that went before the City Council planning department in December included proposals for eating, drinking, live music, recorded (DJ) music and dancing and for opening hours to run till four a.m.

I am convinced - because the banner I see every day announces "a new concept" - that the owners have not the slightest intention of turning the building into a nightclub and am sure that the nightclub-like application is all just part of the clever PR to rev up anticipation ahead of the final unveiling of the un-nightclub-like cutting edge entertainment concept .

My view was confirmed when I subsequently learned that the application was withdrawn altogether in February. How exciting! Perhaps we will after all be treated to retro arcade games and live Gaelic folk music while being served Sushi by midgets on roller skates. Marvellous.

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