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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Council Finishes Project Before Starting it

Last week, without warning, the gentle folk of the Hillsdon and Southdown Road areas of Westbury on Trym, were all astir at the arrival of bright yellow signs on lampposts informing residents that the two roads would be "surface dressed" (whatever that means) between May and September.

Excellent, I thought as I surveyed these well-placed and colourful signs. If I were ever going to surface dress a road (whatever that means), I also would do so during the summer months when the weather is fine.

Happy, though slightly surprised, at receiving such advanced notice, my fellow citizens and I went about our business for several days, secure in the knowledge that the inevitable upheaval of local road works would not begin for at least a few weeks, possibly months.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when on waking this morning I heard not the cooing of the wood pigeon but the thumping of the petrol generator, signaling the start of major surface dressing (ibid) in the road.

The workers had arrived and by this evening they had placed barriers and no entry signs willy nilly around Westbury on Trym's favourite cut-through (with the possible exception of Chock Lane).

It appears that our local streets will have their surfaces dressed (ad nauseam) before the planned start date of the project - an achievement for which the city council planning and surface dressing department should be applauded.

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