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Saturday, 9 May 2009

My Plan? Maplin!

Despite the underlying misanthropic tendencies that more discerning readers of Trym Tales may have picked up from time to time, this blog, let it be said, is more than happy to give praise where it is due and today I am happy to commend the virtues of a new store at Cribbs Causeway.

Not being technically minded, I always dread going into electrical stores in case I get the Rowen Atkinson treatment.

Thankfully, I have found the staff at the new Maplin (located on the site of the old B and Q) much more helpful. First, they know what things are, what they do and how they work - always a great help when I arrive and say what I want to achieve not how I want to achieve it.

Secondly, they do not sell me things I don't need or want - a practice which in my case reduces the likelihood that I will return to a store.

Thirdly, the staff at Maplin Cribbs Causeway have never placed a paper bag upon my head - again, a definite plus when it comes to good customer service.

And finally, the staff do not have that terribly off-putting habit of wearing shiny ties and enquiring as to my emotional well being when I walk in the door. Instead, they have lots of useful stuff, they know what it does and they answer questions simply and clearly, leaving me to buy or not as I see fit.

Which is what I think a shop should be like.

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