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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kraft, Cadburys and Keynsham: a Consumer Response

To no-one's great surprise, American food giant Kraft has announced its intention to close the Cadbury plant at Keynsham. Kraft purchased Cadbury last week and made vague statements at the time about hoping to keep the local plant open.

Clearly that was spin and, as a result, 400 local workers will lose their jobs by 2011.

Workers and consumers who feel powerless to respond to this example of the sharp end of globalisation (production will move to Poland) may wish to take heart at one small way they can protest.

By avoiding buying any Kraft brands, and informing the new owners of why you are doing so, members of the public have an opportunity to express to Kraft that they are not impressed.

A Kraft-free shopping trolley would not contain any of the following products:
  • Kenco, Maxwell House, Mellow Birds and Cafe Hag coffee
  • Chocolate Orange, Terry's All Gold and Toblerone
  • Capri Sun
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Green and Black organic chocolate
  • Dairylea and Philadelphia cheese
  • Any other products with the Kraft logo

I found local MP Dan Norris unimpressive when interviewed about the closure on the BBC today. He recited the usual arguments about the global economy, companies buying other companies and the inter-related nature of modern business. He failed to mention that the economic rules that allow such mergers and acquisitions are entirely man-made. Different economic rules could (and in my opinion, should) be formulated following the evident collapse of developed capitalism in recent years.

For those considering stepping away from factory food altogether, a visit to the Bristol Local Food site is a must.

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