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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tesco Stokes Croft Protest

Spent the morning in a professional capacity covering the attempted eviction of a group of squatters from the former Jesters Comedy Club on Cheltenham Road.

They are protesting about the building's planned development into a Tesco store.

You can read about what happened here, see a selection of photos I took here and see the entire set of over 100 images at the Redland People facebook page here.

On a related note, I am surprised that on the official press release by Avon and Somerset Constabulary announcing the eviction (here) the force find it necessary to assist Tescos in their PR campaign by quoting a Tesco spokesman uncritically in connection with the company's desire to open the controversial store.

The police press release included the following:

A Tesco Spokesperson said: "We're keen to invest in the area. Many local people we've spoken to tell us they are eager to see a Tesco Express at this site. Our store will create approximately 20 new jobs and provide shopping facilities for hundreds of local residents."

It's one thing for the police to enforce the decision of a court (which is part of their job); when they act as a mouthpiece for a huge company which is widely disliked and criticised by people from a range of social and economic backgrounds, it seems to me that the force has stepped over the wrong side of a line and manifested a poitical bias.

If in doubt, ask yourself when it was that you last heard a saw a police statement uncritically quoting Friends of the Earth.

Examples of law-abiding middle class people opposing Tescos can be found here and here.

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