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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hairstyles and Smiles as Leaflet Campaign Hots up in Bristol North West

A rain forest of campaign leaflets have been falling through my letterbox this week, proving, in case we were in any doubt, that BS9 is indeed the key location in the UK that will decide this election.

If only I had had the presence of mind to save these leaflets from the beginning, I could have established myself at a later date as an expert in the field, created an online brand and monetized the experience through an in-depth blog, an e-book and a carefully targeted affiliate marketing campaign.

Who knows, I may have even made it onto Mastermind:

"You have two minutes on Electoral Campaign Leaflets from Bristol North West, 2010, starting"

In the absence of such marketable knowledge, I am reduced to sharing with all nine subscribers of Westbury on Trym's leading independent online media outlet my two favourite leaflets from the recent crop.

Firstly, the ever-photogenic Charlotte Leslie demonstrates her commitment to supporting local hairdressers by modeling the mature buffon style so loved of Westbury on Trym's female voters.

Secondly, Sam Townend reveals that it's not all doom and gloom in politics and that there's plenty of room for a smiley face in Westminster.

Speaking of Labour, I was interested to spot my first Labour placard outside a house yesterday, located on Pen Park Road in Southmead.

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