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Friday, 16 July 2010

Still Telling Tales

Oh my days!

Has it really been six weeks since the last posting from everybody's favourite Westbury-on-Trym blog? Six weeks!

Historically, July and August have always been quiet times for Trym Tales. Since this is also the silly season in traditional print-based media, I take comfort from this similarity - evidence that BS9's leading independent online media outlet is truly rolling with the big boys.

Having said that, I was shocked, horrified and amused at one recent faux pas from a leading media competitor. I refer, of course, to a recent edition of the mid-Bedfordshire Times and Citizen.

As the picture reveals, June 3rd was clearly not the sub-editor's finest day, professionally speaking.

Closer to home, recent low output from Trym Tales cannot be explained away simply by lack of local news.

Post-election, we have had Charlotte Leslie's maiden speech in the House of Commons, the on-off story of St Ursula's transition to an academy (exit Merchant Venturers, enter Oasis Education Trust, with a possible transition date of September 2011) and the strange tale of the council's decision to dig up the magnificent playing field at Elmlea Infants School so that they can move the school building 100 metres north. As if that were not enough, Southdown and Hillsdon Road have had their long-awaited street party on the day England began their short-lived world cup campaign.

All of which augers well for a resurgence of local news and views from the newly resurrected Trym Tales for all loyal readers. I thank both of you for your patience.

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bsk said...

Surely "not the ex-sub-editor's finest day"?

Nice post - made me chuckle.

Al Shaw said...


Glad you enjoyed it.

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