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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bristol's Rubbish

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Glad to see that the Council are installing on-street recycling bins this month in the centre of town.

The new bins will accept cans and newspapers - two of the main items currently thrown away by pedestrians in the city.

The Council have announced that the new bins (which will also contain sections for non-recyclable waste) will be located at Park Street, Whiteladies Road, College Green, Baldwin Street, Welsh Back and Stokes Croft. The new bins, sponsored rather appropriately by Metro newspapers, will supplement those already in place in Broadmead and East Street, Bedminster.

Local IT social entrepreneur Steve Woods, meanwhile, has given a grudging welcome to the development via his Twitter profile: "Bristol City Council: you're at least 30 years behind German cities with on-street recycling facilities."

What, and they keep beating us at football?

Life's not fair.

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