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Monday, 18 October 2010

Multi-Generation Living

Discovering that a nearly-retired couple I know in Westbury have built an extension to their home, have moved into the annexe, and have handed the original property over to their daughter, I was interested in this article from the Relationships Foundation which highlights multi-generation living as a growing trend in the UK. Findings include:

  • half a million properties are currently inhabited by multi-generation households (three or more generations)
  • the number is increasing due to the housing slowdown, falling pensions, rising childcare costs and increased life expectancy
  • Singapore and Hong Kong provide financial incentives to encourage such schemes, due to their efficiency in reducing social care costs
  • There are calls to make the practice attractive in Britain through tax breaks for such households and relaxed planning laws
  • Pensioners now outnumber children in the UK for the first time

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