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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Alternatives to Trym Tales

When not publishing Westbury on Trym's leading independent online media outlet (a position that may be challenged in this bleak midwinter by the arrival of The Bristol Nine, to which I offer festive salutations) I have been writing a variety of articles on weighty matters for a range of perspicacious publications across the world wide web.

Should you wish to cast an eye over any of the said articles, they include, The Politics of the X Factor, being a reflection on the statement by Damon of Athens, "Give me the songs of a nation, and it does not matter who writes its laws.”

In addition, Muckrakers: Whistleblowers from America's Gilded Age illustrates that Wikileaks is not a fundamentally new phenomenon. Finally, The Rise of the Data Journalist surveys the way in which open access, freedom of information and colourful mashups are all changing the way that news stories are being researched and reported in the digital age.

Your indulgence is appreciated. 

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