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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fruit Trees for Sale

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I saw this ad today and thought I would re-post it.


Eastside Roots Community Garden
Stapleton Rd Station

Fruit trees and bushes for sale
Competitive prices and locally sourced
Apples, pears, plums, hazel nut, gooseberry, raspberry, goji berry, grape and lots more

Open 11am to 4.30pm Fridays
and 12 to 4pm Saturdays

There are quite a few fruit trees already in my part of Westbury, but imagine if every home owner in the city had a least one fruit-producing tree or bush on their property. I don't mean just a decorative one. I mean a tangible source of the household's food supply.

Maybe we would start to look like a more cloudy and drizzly version of Seville - whose streets are full of orange trees. Maybe.

Cities with multiple trees are also healthier - the trees absorb CO2 and release Oxygen, keeping the air fresh. Their leaves also capture and remove polluting gases, and when they fall, these leaves help to fertilise the soil. The root system of trees also helps the soil to absorb rain water more effectively - thus reducing the risk of flooding caused by an overly-tarmacked and paved urban environment. Trees also reduce noise pollution, encourage wildlife and biodiversity, and not only that, they look pretty nice as well.

Heck, trees are almost as cool as courgettes

See you at Stapleton Station, then, for a locally-sourced gooseberry bush?  

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