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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Will the Trym Flood?

Was interested to read (via the above link) about the action that has been taken in recent years to clear the stream near St Werburghs Road from blockages, in order to prevent localised flooding.

With yesterday's rain adding to the wettest November in Bristol for 50 years, it made me wonder how the Trym would cope if we had a season of really serious rain of the type we are increasingly seeing in our changing climate. 

In the summer months, the Trym barely flows at all in the stretch near the allotments on Canford Lane, so the prospect of local flooding seems hard to imagine at that time of year. I do, however, remember the area around Westfield Road flooding about 8 or 9 years ago as the Trym overflowed near Kingsley House, just behind the present petrol station on Falcondale Road.

Does anyone have any memories of that flood, or other occasions on which the Trym has flooded? Or is anyone aware of how the maintenance of the local river banks and flood defences is managed? 

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