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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Blaise Castle Estate: George Ferguson Proposes Car Parking Charges

Blaise Castle Estate
(Photo credit: James F Clay)

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson is proposing to charge motorists to park at Blaise Castle Estate.

The plan is pat of a major cost-cutting exercise which requires the elected mayor to find savings of £35 million to the city's budget, in line with cuts from central government to local authorities across the country.

The plan would see charges raised or created for parking at several of the city's major public parks, including Ashton Court and Oldbury Court in Fishponds. 

Labour councillors are opposing this particular aspect of the budget. Paul Smith, former Labour candidate for the Parliamentary seat of Bristol West, tweeted this week, 

Suspect a lot of his [George Ferguson's] urbanite supporters don't understand that for working poor citizens. Free things to do with your kids is v important   

What do you think? Will car parking charges at Blaise Castle Estate make a big difference to people's use of the park? What about parking on surrounding streets?

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