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Monday, 30 April 2007

Frenchay File

Spent Sunday night at the accident and emergency department at Frenchay Hospital. Wait time was posted at 3 hours, during which time I couldn’t help noticing a few of my fellow-patients:

Chained Jane – sitting immediately behind me was a young woman, late teens early 20s who I heard before I saw. Very chatty, slicked-down black hair. It was not until she got up to use the bathroom that I noticed she was handcuffed and chained to two female prison guards.

Brickie’s Mate – wandering in about midnight were two fashionably-dressed lads in their early 20s, one holding a compress against a head wound. “Hit with a brick.”

Teddy Girl – arriving in a flurry was a middle-aged woman with disheveled hair and thick glasses. Wearing a full-length blue tie-died poncho and sandals, this distressed patient was carrying an out sized teddy bear, who was included in all her frequent conversations with hospital staff as she wandered frenetically around the department.

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