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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Fun at Funderworld?

There's something about Funderworld that always seems to attract the thugs.

The recent horrific attack on Westbury on Trym resident Isaac Thompson (aged 17) at the funfair last Monday is merely the latest in a series of acts of violence and anti social behaviour associated with the event which has run in Bristol at easter for the last few years. Whitchurch resident Harrison Malin required hospital treatment when he had glue squirted in his eye in an unprovoked attack at the fair on April 14th.

Members of my own family have witnessed fights in the fair in previous years and seen a youth chased over the Downs by a gang of yobs armed with planks of wood.

It could be argued that this is par for the course for fun fairs, but in my experience Funderworld seems to attract more than it's fair share of such attacks.

Although Funderworld - based in Nottingham - is not the cause of these attacks, the fact they occur so often must raise questions about Funderworld's management, security and stewarding.

With Bristol Lord Mayor Peter Abraham already voicing concerns about whether fun fairs should be banned on the Downs, there's a lot at stake for ordinary families and teens who want to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

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