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Friday, 7 September 2007

Westbury to go Yuppie?

As another local business shuts up shop for the last time this month - the hairdressers next to Somerfield on Canford Road - it looks like the owner of these retail units is set on attracting a new clientèle to Westbury over the next few years. This announcement follows the closure of Trappings earlier in the year, the electrical store the year before and the fish shop in Carlton Court way back when.

Word is that the owners of the retail units around Somerfield have dramatically put up the prices on the units around the centre of the village in order to market them to shops and eateries focused on high-earning single professionals.

The trouble is, Westbury is not known for its high yuppie population, which means the landlord is either on a hiding to nothing or is hoping to attract some single professionals by doing up the flats above the said retail units. This, added to the new flats that will accompany the Doctor's surgery in the old car park on Westbury Hill and those on the corner of Henbury and Falcondale roads, means that in 2007 a step may have been taken to try and bring more single professionals to the village.

It will hardly become Clifton, but who knows, maybe the average age of Westbury on Trym may drop to below 75. Which will be of little comfort to the recently-retired shop keepers.

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