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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Portishead Railway - Another Missed Opportunity

It's crazy.

If the freight train line from to Bristol to Portbury were extended to Portishead and a passenger station built in the town, two things would happen overnight.

First, a ton (not a very scientific term in this context, I know) of traffic would disappear from The Portbury Hundreds, the M5 and the A4 Portway as motorists ditched their cars for the 10-minute train ride to the City Centre and points in between.

Secondly, Portishead would become a property hot spot as a waterfront town with a strong sense of community suddenly became an even more desirable place to live.

The Department of Transport, say the BBC, are not planning to put money into the project, citing lack of anticipated demand.

Surely, if we are to tackle the current environmental crisis and stand any hope of turning back the terrible consequences of climate change, we cannot afford the luxury of not doing a project like this. Why not bull doze a road or two? That would create a demand.

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