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Saturday, 29 March 2008

End of an Era? The Big New House on Henbury Road

It's finally up for sale.

I refer of course to the very large house at the bottom end of Henbury Road in Westbury on Trym.

The new-build house has gone on the market with Savills estate agent for a cool £995,000, a price which confirms my long-held view that the odd five thousand is neither here nor there .

The house, which is not yet finished, has been built on one of the last green field plots in the village of Westbury on Trym and, in that sense, represents a symbolic milestone in the history of the community. From now on, unless developers take over the hidden valley between Westbury C of E School and Southmead, new developments to the housing and infrastructure of the ancient village will be built on top of what was previously there.

Tall Pines, to give the 6-bedroomed house its official name, will be gated from the road and is built, according to the blurb, to an "eco-build" standard - a deliciously vague term which commits the builders to no particular level of environmental rigor while taking full advantage of a growing desire for environmentally friendly housing. Greenwashing, I believe, is the official term for this particular marketing strategy.

At 327 sq m (3523 sq ft), the new house has considerably more space than the average three-bed semi and, in the unlikely event that you are not invited to the house warming party, you can do the next best thing and take a look at the floor plan of Tall Pines by clicking here. All things considered, I think it is a rather fine looking property, in keeping with its surroundings on the main route in to the village.

Interestingly, despite a generally flat housing market, which has seen house prices in Bristol drop by up to 5% in recent months, houses at the very top end of the market are bucking the trend and selling for above the odds.

Residential property specialists Frank Knight describe a marked increase in demand for "super-prime" houses in recent months, with over 40% of such properties in the south east being purchased by foreign nationals, especially from Russia and Eastern Europe. More on all things property related here.

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