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Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Mall Bristol - Thank Goodness for Clarity Over the Name

The Galleries - as we've all been used to calling the shopping centre in Broadmead for the last 10 years - is to change its name.

From April 1st (no, seriously) the three-story retail building will be officially renamed: its new name will be The Mall Bristol. Please remember this name and try not to confuse it with anything else.

This choice of name, say the building's owners (a company with the potentially confusing name of The Mall) had originally wanted to give the building a totally different name following its recent £11 million revamp. Predictably, the preferred name was...... The Mall - a name which must have taken hours of blue-sky, out-of-the-box thinking on the part of the company's marketing and branding team.

Having burned the midnight oil in coming up with this innovative name for a shopping centre, the company then decided to change it (says the Evening Post) after "shoppers said it could be confused with the regional shopping centre of the same name at Cribbs Causeway." Shoppers! What do they know about it?

Presumably, The Mall (the company) wished to help its customers avoid the following Saturday morning text conversations:

Tracey: whre r u?

Lisa: on d bus goin 2 d mll

Tracey: me 2 c u thr

Lisa: whre shll we mt?

Tracey: fontain

Lisa: aint no fntain at d mll

Tracey: yer is nxt 2 smiffs

Lisa: na, wrng mll im goin 2 mll in twn

Tracey: soz c u ltr

Confusion thus averted, the new building will now be clearly referred to by all Bristolians as The Mall Bristol.

Unless of course, shoppers start to abbreviate its name. I wonder what they might start shortening it to?

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1 comment:

James Barlow said...

Perhaps the target demographic is people who use Sat Nav.

Give it a few months, and everyone typing "The Mall" into their navigation boxes will be sneakily redirected to the centre of Bristol.

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