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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Colston's Girls' Most Popular School for North Bristol Families

Colston's Girls' School has topped a poll of schools that local families would choose if they were not successful in their application for Redland Green School.

The poll took place over the last month here on the Trym Tales site and when asked, "If not Redland Green, which school will you choose?", 25% of participants stated a preference for Colston's Girls', the independent school on Cheltenham Road which plans on converting to an academy this September.

Two of Bristol's other would-be academies came joint second in the poll, with 16% of the votes cast in favour of Cathedral School and an equal number for Portway School. Whereas the former two are independent schools already, Portway is set to follow the route of the majority of academies as the new trustees attempt to turn around a historically poor-performing school. Oasis Trust are the proposed charity aiming to take on Portway, a move which local parents appear to welcome if the poll results are at all representative. More on the planned change to Portway School here.

With families in Westbury on Trym effectively excluded from the new school following the change in the Redland Green School catchment area this year, the poll results indicate a swing away from the independent schools historically favoured by families in the Westbury on Trym area, with Redland High School for Girls, Bristol Grammar, Red Maids and Badminton School receiving no more than two votes each. This is anecdotal evidence, perhaps, of the popularity of the academy model among local parents at the expense of the traditional independent sector.

Full results, which may not be representative of local opinion as a whole, are reproduced below.

If Not Redland Green, Which School Will You Choose?

3 (12%)
4 (16%)
Colston's Girls
6 (25%)
Bristol Grammar
2 (8%)
3 (12%)
3 (12%)
Cathedral School
4 (16%)
St Katherine's
1 (4%)
3 (12%)
Red Maids
2 (8%)
2 (8%)
Redland High School for Girls
1 (4%)
St Ursula's
2 (8%)
4 (16%)

The poll was conducted over 28 days in March and April. 40 votes were cast by 24 voters (multiple choices were permitted). St Mary Redcliffe School and St Bede's Catholic College remain very popular with local families but were not included in the poll as their admissions policies do not make them viable choices for all children.

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Paul Harrod said...

confirmation of the changes to the catchment areas have come today from Bristol City Council.

News release issued by Bristol City Council Corporate Communications today (Monday 21st April)

Bristol City Council decides on catchment area priorities for Henbury, Portway and Redland Green Schools

Changes to the areas of first priority for Henbury, Portway and Redland Green Schools will go ahead following recommendations by the Admissions Forum, Bristol City Council announced today.

The Forum considered the results of a report and consultation process to change the boundary for the area of first priority for those seeking a place at Redland Green, Henbury and Portway Community Schools. An area of first priority gives a higher priority on the basis of geography to those living there seeking a place a particular school when it is oversubscribed.

Chair of the Admissions Forum Steve Jones said:

“The Forum recognises that the current boundary for Redland Green School gives parents an unrealistic picture of where their child might be accepted, especially as Redland Green has proved particularly popular.

“The new areas of first priority will reflect more accurately the area from which places will be offered on the grounds of geography and I hope parents and carers will find this reassuring. However, as with any school, living in an area of first priority does not guarantee a place at a particular school and families are advised to look at all their local schools when making applications next year.”

The Forum agreed to:

- reduce the area of first priority for Redland Green;
- introduce an area of second priority for Redland Green
- enlarge the area of first priority for Henbury and Portway Community Schools


Notes for Editors

1. The admissions forum

=considers existing and proposed admission arrangements. It assesses how well they serve the interests of local parents and children collectively, and try to promote agreement on admissions issues;
=considers how admissions processes might be improved;
=monitors how admissions relate to published admission numbers; and
=reviews the comprehensiveness and accessibility of guidance for parents and the composite prospectus produced by the LA – the parent governor representatives on the Forum have a particular role in advising how easy local parents will find to read and understand these documents

2. Bristol City Council launched local consultation on proposed changes to the boundary areas of first priority for the academic year 2009/10 in January.

Julia Walton
Media and PR Officer
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
(job-share with Katharine de Lisle)
Bristol City Council
t: 0117 9222732

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