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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Police Continue Online Strategy

Following my earlier post about Avon and Somerset's use of blogs and web casts to engage the local public, I have been interested by a couple of additional online measures in the fight against crime.

The local force has for over a year now been a YouTube user with over 25 videos currently uploaded. Their profile page on YouTube is here. I've included one below - Dan the Distraction Burglar - which reveals that it's not all paperwork and form filling in the inner corridors of the Police HQ in Portishead as some frustrated animators are at work producing a creative vibe in the cause of crime prevention. I must confess I was a pleasantly surprised by the tone of the video with its combination of edgy graphics, dead pan humour and murdering grannies. As always, your comments are welcome.

Avon and Somerset also has its own Facebook page where fans can receive news about police-related incidents and watch police videos. In the slightly surreal world which is Facebook, members can also upload photos of police cars taken from a variety of angles and interact with other fans of the local police, some of whom have chosen to upload interesting photos of themselves considering the nature of the group they have joined.

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