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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Crime Spree in Westbury on Trym

A spate of thefts has taken place in the Southdown and Hillsdon Road areas of Westbury on Trym in recent weeks.

Incidents have included:
  • the theft of a motorcycle from the grounds of a house
  • the theft of two bicycles
  • the removal of a large quantity of wine from an outhouse
  • damage to a parked car
  • the theft of two cars
Avon and Somerset Police have recognised that after a period of years when domestic burglary has been steadily dropping, the number of such incidents in the area is on the increase and have launched a web site for residents detailing ways of protecting themselves from this trend. A copy of a video created by the force for the site is included below. Trym Tales can confirm that it is believed to be the first police video in the area to feature a carnivorous Christmas tree.

In a related incident, a youth recently knocked on the door of a house asking to use the toilet. On his admission, a group of five other youths entered the property and stayed for some minutes. Nothing was reported missing from the house on that occasion.

A group of youths matching the description of those above have been visiting the area and on one occasion were seen entering the side garden of a property before being disturbed. It appears they are not the brightest buttons that have ever graced the neighbourhood, so practical steps to secure one's property should have some effect - locking cars; keeping doors and windows closed; fitting shed alarms and security lights; and, of course, refusing admission to your house from anyone matching the description of the youths or anyone else who you are not expecting or whose identity you cannot verify.

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Anonymous said...

No post about the Westbury grocery-store burglary back in May 08? Fair enough, I got found in the end, but where's my fame?!

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