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Monday, 12 May 2008

Enjoying the Sunshine in Blaise

May is always my favourite month of the year and this time round it is as lovely as ever.

Enjoyed a lengthy walk from Westbury on Trym to Coombe Dingle and back over the weekend, across Henbury Golf Course and the lower section of Blaise Castle Estate.

One feature of this part of the estate is the near-total absence of dogs and their owners and youths on bikes who can, on a sunny Sunday, make the main tarmac path through Blaise Castle feel more like a motorway than a rural byway.

The alternative route starts at Falcondale Road, follows the Trym on the footpath near the allotments and then enters the golf course. Staying at the bottom end of the course, keep walking along the Trym until you come to a stile into a meadow. From there, you have several options, all of which take you through empty parts of the estate.

My favourite route takes you past some beautiful, hidden, stone houses. If you find them, I bet you'll say "Wow, I never knew these were here. I wonder who lives here."

Enjoy the sunshine.

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