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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Physics and Film - Separate but Equal?

A Bristol sixth former sat an A Level Biology exam this week at a school in the city.

While waiting to enter the exam hall, where two separate subjects - Biology and Film Studies - were being examined, the students were supervised by a Physics teacher from the school.

When the time came to enter the hall for the exams, the teacher announced the following:

"Would those for the Film Studies exam please enter the hall now."

After a few students had gone in, the physicist asked, "Are there any more students for the Film Studies exam?" After no more had entered, he expressed his view that "If you do not know whether you have a Film Studies exam this morning, that would explain why you're doing Film Studies."

A few minutes later, when summoning the Biology students into the room, the Physics teacher urged them ironically to "make sure you've got your colouring pencils nice and sharp."

Glad to see that academic prejudice has no place in Bristol schools. The government's plans to introduce vocational diplomas should be implemented smoothly and without incident in this corner of the Kingdom.

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