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Saturday, 8 November 2008

All Bristol's Independent Media in One Place

Bristol's growing number of independent media producers - writers, bloggers, vloggers, photographers and podcasters - have until now relied on diverse methods for letting others know they exist.

Due to the wonders of modern technology, the latest content from all of Bristol's independent media producers can now be accessed in real time here at Trym Tales.

The feeds on the right hand column are the latest offerings from the many blogs and web sites producing local content by local people. This is not a blog roll. It's a feed roll.

To qualify for inclusion in this diverse list, the site has to fulfill a few criteria. First. it must be written or produced by Bristolians and/or contain a significant amount of material with a Bristol theme. Second, it needs to be updated regularly. Sites with no postings since July, for instance, did not make it the cut. Thirdly, the sites need an RSS feed. Any such feed will do, but unfortuantely, there are a few good sites out there which I cannot include because they have no accessible feeds. For some reason, a few of the party political sites fall into this category, otherwise they would be included. Finally, I have tried to restrict the list to non-corporate sites. The Cabot Circus blog, if there is one, will not be included, for instance, nor those by the large institutional media organisations. The aim, instead, is to give a platform for genuinely small-scale sites written by local people about local issues.

I hope you find the sites of interest. Even a glance down the titles of these sites reveals a very diverse and creative independent media scene covering a huge range of issues, perspectives and neighbourhoods within Bristol.

I've no doubt missed many out that I don't yet know about. So, please get in touch and tell me about any that should be included.

Happy reading.

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Anonymous said...

A good idea (and cheers for including my foul nonsense :D ) - a few I see missing at the moment are Southville Roads, Bountiful Bristol, Bristol Graffiti... There's probably a few others, but those are the ones that spring to mind.

Check the 'Bristol Blogs' section of my blogroll for more possible additions.



atlanticwriter said...

Couldn't find a feed for Bristol Graffiti but have added the others.
The city's fringes are not greatly represented. Henbury? Lawrence Weston? Frenchay? Hartcliffe?

Anonymous said...

Bristol Graffiti's feed is:

Not sure if I've spotted any blogs for the areas you've mentioned, I shall have a mull, though :-)

atlanticwriter said...

Thanks. I've now added that one. Feel free to forward any others. Cheers.

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