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Saturday, 8 November 2008

What's Happened to the Downs?

Driving a guest to an appointment at Bristol University last Sunday morning, I couldn't help noticing the terrible state of the Downs near the water tower following the previous night's firework show which took place despite the appalling weather.

The combination of thousands of people, heavy rain and numerous lorries, fairground rides and other heavy vehicles has left the Downs looking like a dirt bike track rather than a green field.

I don't know the answers but I do have some questions:

1. Who made the decision to proceed with the event despite the heavy rain? I have personally attended on previous years when the event has been put back 24 hours. Why was this not done last Saturday?

2. What are the financial arrangements, if any, between the organisers and Bristol City Council?

3. How long will it take before the Downs will be usable again by the general public and, if necessary, who will pay for any repairs that may be needed?

Just asking.

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1 comment:

James Barlow said...

Give the guys over at the Rotary Club of Clifton or Bristol Lions a ring - they can probably tell you about the contractual arrangements with the council; the obligations to pay for security and insurance are considerable.

Alternatively, try the Downs Ranger, who can tell you about how long it will take the grass to grow after he re-seeds the area.

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