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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Nicole Jackson on Parenting

Was I the only person in Bristol who was sad to listen to local singer Nicole Jackson talking on X Factor about her non-relationship with her father?

As the camera zoomed in on the Bristol teenager's trembling lip and tears, we learned that having not spoken with her father for two years, she hopes that if she does well in the televised talent show, perhaps she will be able to have a conversation with her dad.

Now, obviously, I don't know any of the history of this relationship and am in no way passing judgement on any member of the family. However, I do notice that there seem to be a lot of kids out there who appear to think that fame, or "success" is a necessary ingredient for enjoying a loving relationship with other human beings. I also notice that some adults seem to be of the same opinion.

I'm glad that view is incorrect. Otherwise the 99.9% of us of all ages whose lives will always be characterised by obscurity will be doomed to unhappy relationships.

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