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Thursday, 9 December 2010

On Carrying Your Licence While Driving

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This from Steve Williams, aka MotoringLawyer via Twitter, on my question about whether motorists are required to carry their licences when driving.

"No that's nonsense. Required to produce within 7 days. Police advised me not to carry in car for security!"

So, a lawyer specialising in motoring law tells me that the law does not require me to carry the documents with me while driving. Meanwhile, as reported yesterday, a police officer who stopped me on Whiteladies Road assured me that I was required to carry my licence (both parts), MOT certificate, and insurance certificate every time I was out and about in my vehicle.

Which shows the value of knowing your rights, as without such knowledge, it appears that the police are not always accurate in informing us of them.

Perhaps I will contact Avon and Somerset Constabulary for further comment and clarification.

But first, I'll wait till they get back to me on my previous question on the use of "kettling" during the recent student demonstrations in Bristol.

One thing at a time.

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